Immunize On Time, Every Time

The Immunize On Time, Every Time campaign, launched in 2006, was the result of a collaboration between Every Child By Two and the immunization program and coalition staff in four states. This model program consists of a two-pronged campaign to educate healthcare providers and parents about the need to proactively ensure that children are vaccinated on time.

This original campaign took place in four cities – Cleveland, Houston, Newark and Las Vegas. The first part of the campaign consisted of public education events in the four locations, in which ECBT and its partners directed immunization outreach to families and the media.

Public Education

Cleveland - In Cleveland, ECBT had a booth on site at the city’s annual KidsFest street festival and was joined by the Ohio State Immunization Registry (IMPACT-SIIS), the Cleveland Department of Health (DOH), and the DOH mobile van. From the booth, the groups distributed immunization education and registry materials along with t-shirts, stickers, coloring books, rayons, plastic bags and “Build-A- Bear” teddy bears, which were all imprinted with the Immunize On Time, Every Time logo and/or an immunization message. Face painters were also used to draw children and their parents to the booth. Over 1,050 people visited the booth, and 90 provider names were given to the registry staff to aid them in provider recruitment. Through media outreach, 8.9 million people were reached and 14 local news articles about the campaign were written.

Houston - The public education event for Houston, which took place at the Children’s Museum of Houston, was billed as Immunization Night for Infants and Toddlers. The main partners involved in Houston’s Immunize On Time, Every Time campaign included the Houston Department of Health and Human Services (HHDHS), the Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services (HCPHES), the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), Texas Children’s Hospital, the Rotary Club of Houston, and Every Child By Two (ECBT). All actively participated in the Immunization Night event. Other groups with booths at Immunization Night included Houston-Harris County Immunization Registry (HHCIR), The Texas Immunization Registry, Early Collaboratives, HDHHS Women, Infants and Children’s Program, HDHHS Lead Screening and Prevention Program, HDHHS Dental Screening and Prevention Program, Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services Tobacco Prevention, AMERIGROUP (Medicaid Managed Care Plan), and Kids Program. HCPHES Services staff screened immunization records and had 6 nurses on site to provide free immunization for those children who were not up-to-date with their vaccines. In promoting this event, the campaign partners highlighted the importance of timely immunization for all ages, particularly under age two. However, there were vaccines available for all ages at Immunization Night, so no children needed to be turned away. To entertain the children at the event, large screen video monitors aired ECBT’s PSAs and the Arthur and the Chickenpox movie. In addition, ECBT hired 2 magicians to walk around the Children’s Museum to amuse the children with magic tricks while they were waiting in line for their immunizations

Approximately 2,000 people attended the event at the Museum and almost 200 children received immunizations. The immunizations were entered into HHCIR on site.

From the ECBT exhibit booth, 685 Immunize On Time, Every Time-imprinted plastic bags were distributed containing the CDC's Vaccine For Children (VFC) brochure; color handout with facts about immunizations specific to Houston; easy-to-read recommended immunization schedule in English and Spanish; ECBT’s Friends at the Zoo coloring books in English and Spanish; and boxes of crayons imprinted with immunization messages. ECBT also gave out t-shirts imprinted with immunization messages and Build-a-Bears.

A press release promoting the Immunize On Time, Every Time initiative was sent out via PR Newswire to Houston news outlets and Immunization Night and the main immunization messages were actively pitched a prior to the event. However, most of the invited media was unable to attend or cover the event due to a big late breaking news story. Many local and national broadcast and newspaper/news outlets ran the Houston press release on their websites.

Newark - The public education event in Newark took place at the 11th Annual Bergen Street Festival. Staff from the Newark Department of Health, the NJ Immunization Registry, the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services, and ECBT manned the “Baby Booth” at the festival and distributed immunization education information. In addition, ECBT distributed the same immunization logo-imprinted “giveaways” that were given out in at the Cleveland and Houston events. ECBT also hired face painters to draw families to the Baby Booth. Over 1,330 people stopped by the booth, including Newark’s Mayor Cory A. Booker. Five hundred provider names were volunteered by parents to the registry staff. Over 2.4 million people were reached with the campaign’s messages via the media. Immunization staff members from Newark were able to meet with Mayor Booker’s staff following the event to discuss their program goals and needs.

Las Vegas - The public education event in Las Vegas was the ECBT-hosted Baby Health Fair. The Fair took place in Lorenzi Park in Las Vegas. Partners represented at the fair included ECBT, the Nevada Department of Health, the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD), the Southern Nevada Immunization Coalition (SNIC), Nevada Health Resources, CDI Head Start, North Vista Hospital, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue, Las Vegas Police Department, Bilingual Behavioral Services, Courtney’s Children’s Foundation, and the Family Resource Center. Immunizations were provided to families at no cost, and the immunization records were entered into Nevada’s immunization registry on site. Nevada’s Big Shot Bunny, face painters, free food, a mariachi band and other activities were at the event to entertain the families. Dr. Sands from the SNHD, the Honorable Shelley Berkley, and Jack Carter spoke at the Fair. ECBT provided the same immunization imprinted “giveaways” as in the other three cities. Over 2,000 people attended the event. Approximately 4 million people were reached with the campaign’s immunization messages via the media. This included 4 television broadcast mentions in advance of the event, 1 broadcast segment, 2 radio stations, 1 print story about the event, and 4 print advertisements.

Provider Education

After the public education events in the four cities were complete, the partners of the Immunize on Time, Every Time initiative targeted immunization messages to providers.

An Immunization Education Packet was distributed to the Vaccines for Children (VFC) providers in each city. The packet included:

Letter from the Immunize On Time, Every Time Alliance
• Clip-on animals with an immunization message to attach to stethoscopes, and buttons with immunization messages
• Immunization schedule (in some cities)
• CD-ROM to promote registries and ECBT’s targeted registry brochure and/or the city’s/state’s registry brochure.
• Scientific article abstracts and a summary of important immunization research
Poster(s) with immunization messages for display in providers’ offices (Toll-free numbers on the posters for evaluation purpose).

Depending on the city, modified immunization education packets were also distributed to OB-GYNs, daycare centers, WIC centers and prenatal classes.

Immunize On Time, Every Time Billboards and Posters - ECBT continued to work with immunization stakeholders in Las Vegas, Newark and Chicago on the creation of Immunize On Time, Every Time posters. These posters were placed on billboards, and on and in city buses.

Immunize On Time, Every Time PSAs - As part of the Immunize On Time, Every Time initiative, in early 2006, ECBT created three TV Public Service Announcements (PSAs) - Timely Immunization, Immunization Registries and Vaccine Safety . In order to reach a broader segment of our target audience, in 2007, ECBT created Spanish voice-overs for the PSAs so they could also be offered to Spanish TV stations. ECBT then hired News Broadcast Network (NBN) to distribute the PSAs in both English and Spanish to TV stations across the country. ECBT’s goal was to obtain both earned (free) and secured (paid) media placement. The three PSAs were first distributed to TV stations nationwide with a request that the PSA directors air the 30-second announcements free of charge. A small number of state health departments requested that their local TV stations only be given the Timely Immunization and Vaccine Safety PSAs because their registry was not ready to be promoted to the public.

In addition to airing the PSAs on television, ECBT also used other communication channels to place the Timely Immunization and Vaccine Safety spots. The PSAs were aired on televisions within Meijers food stores in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Kentucky. Each 30-second segment was aired in each of the 105 stores on screens located throughout the store. The segments aired six times per hour, 24/7, on two channels. Through these PSAs, ECBT reached an estimated audience of over 12 million with 8,640 broadcasts. ECBT also paid for placement of the English and Spanish PSAs on transit vehicles in Atlanta, Chicago, Milwaukee, Orlando, and Los Angeles. There were a total of 800 broadcasts, reaching an estimated audience of 9 million viewers.

The PSAs were aired online through a variety of channels including vertical media placement and online banner ads. As a result of the vertical media placement, there were over 500 hits to the ECBT website and the ECBT's PSAs were viewed over 16,000 times.The banner ads, which were placed on health-related websites, weather websites and news websites, resulted in over 10,000 visits to the website, and almost 2,200 viewings of our PSAs. ECBT also purchased “search engine optimization” to drive people to the ECBT website to view the PSAs and learn more information about immunizations. As a result there were almost 1,200 hits to the ECBT website and almost 2 million page views.

Finally, both the Timely Immunization and Vaccine Safety PSAs were aired on Health Watch, an international health/medical program with an estimated audience of 3 million.

ECBT has continued to use the Timely Immunization and Vaccine Safety PSAs over the years. They have been aired on The Newborn Channel, an in-hospital network that delivers essential newborn and parenting information to help prepare new moms when and where they need it most. The Newborn Channel is available free to patients in over 1,000 hospitals nationwide. They have also aired on the CNN Airport Network, which is a satellite television network broadcasting general news, weather, stock market updates and features in airports across the United States.