Billboard Campaign

Every Child By Two was chosen as a public service partner by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA). As such, ECBT was given the opportunity to place immunization posters on outdoor billboards and bus shelters across the country. While the advertising space is provided pro bono, national public service partners like ECBT are required to pay for the production of the billboard and bus shelter posters.

Through this partnership, in February 2012, Every Child By Two launched an outdoor advertising campaign aimed at educating the public about the critical need for timely immunizations and the importance of “cocooning”, and to promote ECBT’s Vaccinate Your Baby website. The website address is featured on the bottom of all billboard and bus shelter posters.

As part of this campaign, ECBT created and paid for the production of a variety of advertisements available in three types of posters/displays.

  • 14’x48’ vinyl bulletins (for billboard displays)

  • 125”x272” polyethylene posters (for billboard displays)

  • 68.5”x 47.5” bus shelter posters

By placing ECBT’s posters on billboards and in bus shelters across the country, OAAA members are helping ECBT to promote important immunization messages to parents and other caregivers, thereby helping America’s children to stay happy and healthy.

Click here to view ECBT's billboard and bus shelter posters.

Healthcare professionals and other vaccine advocates are welcome to print and distribute these posters on 8 1/2" by 11" paper . ECBT also has a limited number of 18" x 24" posters available for distribution. Visit the print resources section of this website for more information.

Below are two photos of ECBT's posters "from from the field".

Not Vaccinated No Kisses Billboard

Emma Bus Shelter Poster