Jennifer Zavolinsky, MHS, CHES

Jennifer Zavolinsky, MHS, CHES is the Director of Outreach Initiatives for Every Child By Two - Carter/Bumpers Champions for Immunization (ECBT). Since joining ECBT in 2003, Jennifer has been a leader in the field of immunization, collaborating with public health partners throughout the country to educate the public, healthcare providers, WIC staff and policy makers about the safety of vaccines and the need for timely immunizations for people of all ages. To help ECBT achieve its mission, Jennifer has presented and exhibited at state and national conferences; created and distributed educational resources for a variety of audiences; planned and co-hosted meetings and webinars; aided in planning Congressional Briefings to educate legislators; and helped to the develop and implement large public education initiatives including ECBT’s Vaccinate Your Family program, the Vaccinate Your Baby program and the Immunize On Time, Every Time program.

Jennifer’s commitment to vaccinations and public health is evident from her present and prior work in this field. Previous to her position at Every Child By Two, Jennifer served as the Senior Program Manager of the Immunization Initiative at the American Association of Health Plans (currently known as America’s Health Insurance Plans). While there, she focused her efforts on helping health plans increase their immunization rates for their members of all ages – children, adolescent and adults. Jennifer also serves on several committees and coalitions aimed at improving health through immunizations including the National Adult and Influenza Immunization Summit (NAIIS) and several Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) work groups.

Jennifer obtained her Masters of Health Science (MHS) degree from Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, MD and her Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Psychology from American University in Washington, DC. She also maintains her status as a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES).