Vaccinate Your Baby

In 2008, Every Child By Two launched the Vaccinate Your Baby (VYB) campaign with volunteer spokesperson, actress and mother Amanda Peet, to urge parents to immunize their children against vaccine-preventable diseases. The campaign became a permanent ECBT program, and the foundation upon which ECBT conducted the majority of our public outreach. The program urged parents to follow the CDC-recommended immunization schedule, and addresses misinformation about vaccines that causes confusion among parents and puts children at risk for dangerous diseases. (Important Note: In 2015, ECBT broadened its mission and now has a new program, and a new website, called Vaccinate Your Family (VYF). VYF aims to increase awareness of the critical importance of vaccines for people of all ages. It is the next generation of the Vaccinate Your Baby program.)

Misinformation about vaccines needlessly jeopardizes the health of our children. Few people realize just how rigorously vaccines are tested before they are approved for use and how many safeguards are already in place to ensure the ongoing safety of vaccines after they are licensed. The Vaccinate Your Baby program aims to dispel these myths and remind parents to get the true facts before they make this critical decision regarding their children’s health.

Myths about the safety of immunizations have resulted real-life consequences. The United States continues to face both measles and pertussis outbreaks.

The Vaccinate Your Baby program included the dynamic Vaccinate Your Baby, the Vaccinate Your Baby Facebook page, two Twitter feeds (@ShotofPrev and @Everychildby2), and the Shot of Prevention blog.

The Vaccinate Your Baby website contained information on vaccines and the diseases they prevent; stories from families affected by vaccine-preventable diseases; how vaccines are approved and tested for safety; links to immunization safety studies; and links to other credible websites and immunization resources. In addition, the website contained in-depth sections on the dangers of influenza and pertussis and the need to protect children by vaccinating the adults around them. This strategy is known as cocooning. The website also housed a series of video FAQs featuring experts responding to questions regarding the safety and necessity of vaccinations. These videos are linked from many partner sites including the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

The Vaccinate Your Baby Facebook page (now the Vaccinate Your Family Facebook page) boasts more than 147,000 "likes" and consists of passionate individuals who are highly engaged in the issue of vaccines. Nearly 6.4 million messages are viewed annually by our followers and their contacts. The Shot of Prevention blog is an online forum where individuals, parents, medical professionals and others can gather to discuss questions and current events regarding immunizations. This is a resource where these different voices can come together to share their perspectives and personal stories. The blog receives almost 500,000 views annually. Both the Shot of Prevention blog and the VYB Facebook page currently focus on vaccines across the lifespan.

To promote the Vaccinate Your Baby program and its messages, ECBT conducted outreach to the media and created radio and television public service announcements (PSAs). The two PSAs, featuring Amanda Peet and her infant daughter, were aired nationwide and remained in the top 7% air time slot during the first year of the campaign. The PSAs also aired on CNN Airport and The Newborn Channel.

The Vaccinate Your Baby campaign generated significant coverage in magazines and online mentions/blogs such as People, Cookie, Parenting, CBS and ABC News Online, NBC News, the New York Post, the New York Times, the New York Daily News, the Seattle Times, the Chicago Tribune, the LA Times, the Washington Post, the Washington Times, and USA Today.

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