Vaccinate Your Family

In December 2015, Every Child By Two launched its Vaccinate Your Family (VYF) public education program and website. VYF aims to raise awareness of the critical importance of vaccines for people of all ages. It is the next generation of the Vaccinate Your Baby program, which focused on the importance of protecting infants against vaccine-preventable diseases.

The new website - - provides scientifically-accurate information about the vaccines that are recommended at every stage of life - pregnancy, baby/child, preteen/teen, and adult. In addition, the website includes personal stories about families affected by vaccine-preventable diseases, and links to a large number of educational resources and credible organizations. As part of this program launch, ECBT changed the name of its Facebook page to Vaccinate Your Family. (Previously the Vaccinate Your Baby Facebook page).

Visit the Vaccinate Your Family website to learn how to help keep yourself, your family and your community safe through vaccination.