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Meningitis B and Your College Student: Preventing the Call
Shot of Prevention
February 14, 2018
"Emily was a 19-year-old college student when she called home complaining of a headache. Thirty-six hours later, she passed away due to serogroup B meningococcal disease. Emily was able to donate six of her organs, together with bones and tissue, to save the lives of five others."
Texas’ Anti-Islam, Anti-Vaccine, Born-Again Christian Candidate Is a Democrat
Daily Beast
February 15, 2018
"Meet Nico LaHood, district attorney for Bexar County, Texas, home of the mostly Democratic enclave of San Antonio. LaHood is now locked in a street brawl of a primary battle against a former friend, Joe Gonzales... And then there's the anti-vaxxer stuff. LaHood, whose son has autism, has appeared at anti-vaxxer conferences, using his district attorney title as proof of credibility. And in a promotional video for the anti-vaxxer movie Vaxxed, LaHood says: "I'm Nico LaHood. I'm the criminal district attorney in San Antonio, Texas. I'm here to tell you that vaccines can and do cause autism.""
EEOC sues Michigan hospital over flu vaccine policy
February 14, 2018
"The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a lawsuit accusing a Michigan hospital of violating federal law by pulling a job offer from a medical transcriptionist who refused to get a flu shot because of her religious beliefs. In the lawsuit filed in federal court in Detroit on Tuesday, the EEOC said Memorial Healthcare's refusal to allow Yvonne Blair to wear a face mask while she trained for the work-from-home job amounted to religious discrimination under the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964."
Concerned Parents Call For Increased Transparency On Pediatric Flu Deaths
CBS New York
February 14, 2018
"Four children in New York City and two in New Jersey have died from the flu in what's been an unusually severe season. Many parents were expressing frustration Wednesday because of a lack of information about the children who have passed away, demanding to know whether or not they received the flu vaccine or if there were underlying health issues that made matters worse."
Here’s why it’s so hard to make a better flu vaccine
February 15, 2018
"Every year, flu kills between 12,000 and 56,000 people, the CDC says. This year is shaping up to be on the high end of that range. That's why teams of scientists are working on what's called a universal flu vaccine. The hope is to develop a formulation that will recognize something a little deeper than just the "face" of the flu virus - something that doesn't change from one virus to another, and that doesn't mutate over time."
OPINION: Focus on the flu, not the new
USA Today
February 14, 2018
"When Ebola struck with a vengeance in West Africa in 2014 or SARS was reported in Asia in 2003, the viruses dominated the news and Americans were gripped by fear over the potential spread in the United States... But the flu, neither exotic nor rare, garners too little attention and too few resources. It strikes millions of Americans and has killed anywhere from 12,000 to 56,000 annually in recent years."
Influenza vaccine not associated with increased risk of epilepsy in children
2 Minute Medicine
February 15, 2018
"Previous studies suggest associations between febrile seizures and influenza infection, complex febrile seizures and epilepsy, and seizures (particularly febrile) and vaccination (including influenza vaccination). However, a potential link between development of epilepsy and influenza vaccination is not defined."
Hepatitis A outbreak reaches Saginaw County
MLive (MI)
February 15, 2018
"Saginaw County has joined a growing number of counties affected by an ongoing hepatitis A outbreak in southeast Michigan that has hospitalized hundreds and killed more than two dozen."
OPINION: Vaccines protect generations: Letter to the editor
The Oregonian
February 15, 2018
"Another article written on the importance of vaccines ("Low vaccination rates put some Oregon schools at high risk for measles," Feb. 11). So many have been written in the past, and yet I am unaware of any that have used this reasoning to encourage adults to vaccinate the children for whom they are responsible. What happens when your children mature and become of child bearing age? Have you explored the list of potential birth defects your grandchild could acquire in utero if your child would contract one of these illnesses while pregnant? ... Joan Peters."