Expert Commentary

Welcome to the expert commentary section where we post reviews of current issues for you by content experts. While the opinions in these articles reflect the views of the authors who are not employees of Every Child By Two and do not necessarily reflect the views of Every Child By Two, they are well-researched, well-written, and offer to our readers in-depth analyses of current topics.

Joel A. Harrison, PhD, MPH
Joel A. Harrison, PhD, MPH

Joel A Harrison, PhD, MPH. Dr. Harrison has been closely following what he deems “the so-called vaccine controversy,” and is eager to volunteer his time to provide expert analysis of a variety of articles, research papers and books in order to systematically debunk the false claims made about the safety of vaccines. We hope you find Dr. Harrison's articles enlightening and we urge you to share them with your friends and colleagues.

Dorit Rubinstein Reiss, Professor of Law, UC Hastings College of Law
Dorit Reiss photo

Dorit Reiss is a Professor of Law at UC Hastings and writes blog posts and articles about legal issues related to vaccines. She is also a member of the Parent Advisory Board of Voices for Vaccines.