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Invisible Threat focuses on understanding the science of vaccination and the misperceptions leading parents to delay or decline life-saving immunizations. This 40-minute independent documentary, produced by award-winning high school student filmmakers, has earned praise from more than 50 organizations, including the CDC, Texas Children's Hospital, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, and Every Child By Two, calling the documentary "powerful," "fast-paced," "well-balanced,” and “impeccably produced."

Invisible Threat is Now Available to View Online!

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Below is the Film Screening Toolkit to help you screen and promote the Invisible Threat film in your own community.

General information including a Letter Of Support Template, Film Overview, Logo, and Examples of uses for the film.

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How to Organize a Local Film Screening

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Congressional Call To Action For Federal Funding (02/2017)

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Every Child By Two considers coalitions to be one of the greatest assets in assuring timely immunizations of children. In fact, our cofounder Betty Bumpers created one of the first immunization coalitions in Arkansas in the 1970s during her tenure as first lady - this strategy became a model that was used by the CDC nationwide.

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