Share Your Story

Every Child By Two has long recognized the importance of partnering with local community news makers and reporters as well as educating at the local level on the topic of immunizations.

We actively cultivate relationships with local and national newspaper, magazine, radio and television contacts. We visit national parenting magazine editorial teams to educate them annually on immunization issues, offering them access to experts and families whose personal stories truly resonate with the public. ECBT prepares “timeless” immunization articles and stories, available to fill in available news space, particularly for local papers. We provide live experts for television and radio, speak at local and national immunization meetings, and offer our services to work with local leaders to help organize educational events.

Do you have expertise to share or a personal story to tell? You can make a difference in your local community when it comes to education of community members as well as making sure that your local news outlets are accurately reporting the facts about vaccines.

By signing up to become an ECBT Immunization Advocate, we will help guide you in reaching out to the community. We can help prepare your story, develop talking points, and prepare you for any event that seeks to ensure timely vaccinations!