Every Child By Two's cofounders Rosalynn Carter and Betty Bumpers have been working to enact pro-immunization policies since the 1970s when their husbands served as governors of Georgia and Arkansas. We need your voices to ensure that policies continue to support healthy communities.

As the First Lady of the United States Rosalynn joined with Betty (whose husband had become a U.S. Senator) to pass laws mandating school-age vaccination requirements in every state. These same laws are in jeopardy in many states, where legislation is being introduced to make it easier to exempt children from vaccines for schools...placing all children at risk.

State and local legislators and the U.S. Congress often become involved in immunization related legislation that can negatively or positively influence the health of our nation's citizens. In addition, ECBT is actively engaged in ensuring that Congress allocates ample funding to conduct vaccine activities here and abroad. As budgets continue to dwindle, legislators need to hear from constituents who agree that funding for vaccines is the most cost-effective health intervention known to mankind!

By becoming an ECBT Advocate we will stay in touch with you regarding issues that affect your community, issues where your voice can truly make a difference.

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Congressional Call To Action For Federal Funding (02/2017)