Join A Coalition

Coalitions exist in every state and can be invaluable resources when their goals are aligned with those of the CDC and state immunization programs.

Every Child By Two considers coalitions to be one of the greatest assets in assuring timely immunizations of children. In fact, our cofounder Betty Bumpers created one of the first immunization coalitions in Arkansas in the 1970s during her tenure as first lady - this strategy became a model that was used by the CDC nationwide.

Coalitions are most successful when made up of a broad base of committed individuals from the local community including parents, public health advocates, local businesses, policy-savvy individuals, marketing and media experts.

If you are interested in learning more about your local coalition please contact us at so that we can provide you with contact information.

In addition, by indicating your willingness to become an ECBT Advocate we will stay in touch with you regarding ways to participate in building, maintaining and supporting coalitions across the United States.

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