Support The Science

As an organization Every Child By Two believes in and trusts the science behind vaccines and the vast array of safety systems in place to ensure the ongoing safety of vaccines. It is the basis on which we confidently promote vaccines.

Our website section on vaccine safety provides an overview of the scientific process that goes into developing a vaccine, licensing a vaccine, recommending vaccines, and the continuous monitoring for safety. ECBT serves on the National Vaccine Advisory Committee and attends the meetings of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices where vaccine safety efforts are reviewed on a regular basis due to the paramount concern for ongoing safety of our nation's vaccines.

If you would like to get more involved in supporting the science behind vaccines, you will be helping ECBT in our enormous goal of educating the public about the evidence that vaccines remain safe and necessary. You can aid us in refuting inaccurate information among the media and online.

Please sign up as an ECBT Immunization Advocate. By indicating your willingness to contribute to our blog, Facebook page and answering website questions, you will be an invaluable resource to our organization.