Autism 101 Webinar

The Autism 101: Understanding and Communicating about Autism Webinar aired on July 15, 2015 at 2pm EDT. The one-hour webinar featured Alison Singer, Co-Founder and President of the Autism Science Foundation. Ms. Singer provided an overview of autism including the most recent research regarding early diagnosis, interventions and potential causes. She also reviewed the CASE Method, which combines emotional and scientific talking points aimed at swaying parent’s emotional response regarding vaccines and helping them to face the issue more logically. Click here to view the archived webinar.

Complementing the webinar is the Autism 101: Understanding and Communicating about Autism Guide. This guide, written by Alison Singer of the Autism Science Foundation, is ideal for those who come into contact with families who question the safety and necessity of vaccines. This guide can also be used as a stand-alone educational piece.

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