Connect With Immunization Information Systems (IIS)

Immunization information systems (IIS), also known as immunization registries, can offer many benefits to school personnel. IIS are free, confidential, computerized information systems that collect and contain vaccination data about all children and provide immediate access to a child's current immunization status. As a school nurse or school administrator, you are in charge of making certain that all your students are fully immunized and ready to learn. With the ever growing complexity of the recommended immunization schedule it has become increasingly difficult to determine which vaccines are required for each student. Participating in your state's IIS will help to provide you with accurate and timely immunization records for each of your students. Using an IIS will help streamline the immunization process, saving staff time by alleviating the burdensome task of individually verifying each student’s record.

ECBT has created two different brochures, which can be downloaded, to help school and daycare personnel understand how working with their local IIS can help them reduce time spent tracking children's immunization records.

How Immunization Information Systems Can Help Schools Expedite Student Immunization Assessments... Using Your State's IIS To Reduce Time Spent Tracking Immunization Records

How Immunization Information Systems Can Help Child Care Centers Reduce Time Spent Assessing Immunization Records

To find the contact information for each state’s immunization information system, visit the IIS section of the CDC website.

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