Expand Access to Vaccinations

Many individuals lack access to vaccines for themselves and their families. This lack of access occurs in both rural and urban areas. There are number strategies that your immunization program or coalition may wish to consider when trying to increase access to vaccinations in your community.

  • Reducing the distance people must travel to receive immunization services (e.g., a mobile van that travels to areas far from vaccination services.)

  • Making it more convenient for people to get vaccinated. (e.g., drop-in clinics, drive-through flu vaccines or express lane immunizations).

  • Increasing, or making more convenient, the hours during which vaccination services are provided. (This strategy can be employed by partnering with healthcare providers or hospitals in your community.)

  • Promoting the availability of existing locations for vaccinations including private doctor offices, public or community health clinics, and other community locations such as schools/universities, pharmacies,retail outlets, and places of worship). One useful tool to assist adults in finding convenient places for vaccinations is Healthmap Vaccine Finder.

These type of strategies have been proven to be effective in increasing immunization rates particularly when they are a part of larger multi-component immunization campaign.

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