Print Materials

Every Child By Two has developed a variety of print materials that can be utilized by health department staff, vaccine advocates and healthcare professionals.

Vaccine-Preventable Disease eBook
Every Child By Two's Vaccine-Preventable Disease eBook was designed to be online and interactive. This eBook includes important information on vaccine-preventable diseases including a description of each disease, its symptoms and its prevention through immunization. We hope that you find it to be a useful tool.

Friends at the Zoo Coloring Book (Available in English and Spanish)
The Friends At The Zoo coloring book (finished size 8 1/2" x 11") is a 16-page black and white coloring book for children. It can be photocopied for use in healthcare delivery settings as long as the credits page is included. To download the coloring book in PDF format, choose the version that you need (Spanish or English) by clicking on the appropriate link. The books are formatted to be printed onto 11" x 17" paper, folded and center stapled (also called saddle stitch). This coloring book is available free of charge, but you are required to pay for shipping costs. To make things simple, ECBT can ship to you using your own FedEx or UPS shipping number, eliminating the need for us to invoice you for shipping costs. Please email requests to Please include your full contact information and quantities needed of both English and Spanish in your request so that we may get back to you if there are problems with your order.

Pertussis Fact Sheet
ECBT created this fact sheet to help the general public learn more about pertussis. This fact sheet is a double-sided handout that can be printed and distributed.

Before Your Baby Arrives...Get the Facts Flier (For Pregnant Women)
ECBT created this immunization flier for pregnant women. It is a one-sided handout that can be printed and distributed.

Credible Websites for Vaccine Resources
ECBT created a list of credible organizations (along with their websites) for those individuals looking for science-based vaccine resources. This handout can be printed and distributed.

National Billlboard and Bus Shelter Campaign Posters
ECBT created a variety of posters for a nationwide billboard and bus shelter poster campaign to promote the importance of immunizations and the "cocooning" strategy. We've reduced the image size so you can print the posters on 8 ½"x11" paper. (For best printing, download the PDF to your computer and open the file in Adobe.) Two of the billboard designs were also created in poster size (18"x24") so they can be posted up in clinics and physician offices. A limited number of these two posters are available for shipping. Please contact ECBT at to request the 18"x24" posters.

Not Vaccinated. No Kisses!

Not Vaccinated. No Kisses! (Version 2 - Also available as a 18"x24" poster)

Get the Facts. Vaccines Save Lives.

Before Your Baby Arrives...Get the Facts. (Also available as a 18"x24" poster)

Vaccine-Preventable Diseases are Just a Plane Ride Away

What Did Jack Bring Back From the Playground?

What Did Hannah Bring Back from Vacation?

What did Emma Bring Back from School?

Whooping Cough/Cocooning Poster (Available in English and Spanish )
ECBT created this poster to help vaccine advocates and healthcare providers promote the "cocooning" strategy. "Cocooning" protects infants by vaccinating the adolescents and adults around them. The poster is available in both English and Spanish. These posters can be printed on 8 ½"x11" paper in flier size or can be printed by a professional printer in poster size (24"x18").

Parents’ Guide to Immunizations (Available in English and Spanish)
Every Child By Two created the Parents' Guide To Immunizations to help answer questions that WIC parents and staff may have about vaccines. The Guide, which brings together resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Every Child By Two, and the Immunization Action Coalition, addresses the importance of immunizations for both children and adults, including pregnant women. The Guide also includes easy-to-read immunization schedules; information on the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program and immunization registries; answers to common questions about vaccines; and a list of credible resources for people looking for more information about immunizations.

The Spanish version of the Parents' Guide to Immunizations contains much of the same information as the English version of the Guide including easy-to-read immunization schedules; answers to common questions about vaccines; and information about the importance of vaccinating during pregnancy and vaccinating family members to protect infants (i.e., cocooning).

A generic version of the Parents' Guide to Immunizations (no references to WIC) is also available for printing and distribution.

Vaccines 101: Information for WIC Staff
ECBT created this guide in July 2013 for the participants of the ECBT/USDA Immunization Webinar for WIC Staff. The guide contains key vaccination messages; information on vaccines and the diseases they prevent; real life stories of families affected by vaccine-preventable diseases; immunization schedules; information on pregnant women vaccination; information on screening and referring WIC participants; and a list of additional immunization resources. Although originally created for WIC staff, this may be a helpful resource for any vaccine advocate. An updated version of Vaccines 101: Information for WIC Staff will be available soon.

Immunization Information Systems (IIS) Materials
Every Child By Two created a variety of immunization materials to help promote immunization information systems to a variety of audiences.

How Immunization Information Systems Can Help Pediatricians and Family Physicians: Using IIS to Save Your Office Practice Time and Money (Created for Physicians)

Have More Time to Take Care of What Really Matters. Your Patients. (Created for Pediatric Nurse Practioners)

How Immunization Information Systems Can Help Streamline Vaccination Delivery For Your Office... Using IIS To Save Your Office Practice Time And Money (Created for Office Managers)

How Immunization Information Systems Can Help Schools Expedite Student Immunization Assessments... Using Your State's IIS To Reduce Time Spent Tracking Immunization Records (Created for Schools)

How Immunization Information Systems Can Help Child Care Centers Reduce Time Spent Assessing Immunization Records (Created for Child Care Centers)

Partnering with Health Plans: A Practical Guide
Partnering with Health Plans: A Practical Guide contains resources to assist IIS staff as they prepare to market their IIS to the health plans, such as sample memorandums of understanding, examples of marketing materials, and documents to clarify the interpretation of HIPAA to providers.

Is Quality More Than Just a Number? Your community's immunization registry
ECBT created this brochure to assist IIS staff explain the benefits of immunization information systems to health plan administrators.

Model Interstate Data Sharing Law
To assist states who would like to begin sharing immunization information across state lines, Every Child By Two partnered with The Department of Health Policy at The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services to create a model interstate immunization information sharing statute. It was developed after consultation with numerous immunization registry managers, public health officials, and legal researchers. This model statute proposes language to state legislators, public health officials and others who wish to ensure the timely, secure interstate exchange of immunization information. It is expected that policymakers will use the draft as a tool, and that each jurisdiction will tailor the language according to their states’ individual needs.

The model statute addresses the seven elements that are necessary for inclusion in a statute intended to promote exchange of immunization data for personal and public health purposes while protecting the confidentiality of personal information. The information sharing law will not alter the state’s current notification and opt out requirements.

Additional Resources