Schools And Daycare Mandates

Vaccination mandates for daycare and school entry are an essential tool in ensuring that children are protected from vaccine-preventable diseases. Each state decides which immunizations are required.

Immunizations not only protect the health of the child who receives the vaccine, but also the health of those children (and adults) around them. Every Child By Two (ECBT) feels strongly about the importance of mandates as a way to maintain high immunization rates in this country. ECBT's Cofounders Rosalynn Carter and Betty Bumpers, who have been working on immunizations since their husbands were governors in the early 70s, have been credited with the passage of laws mandating school-age vaccination requirements.

To learn more about ECBT’s views on vaccination mandates and exemptions, see Every Child By Two’s official policy statement – Daycare Center and School Immunization Mandates.

To see which immunizations are mandated for school and daycare entry in each state, visit the CDC website or contact the state immunization program. Another very helpful resource is the new Vaccine Facts and Policy website. This website includes information regarding five major topic areas related to immunization law and policy including demographics and rates, fiscal environment, law and policy, strategies and initiatives, and the structure of immunization programs.

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