Video Vaccines FAQs

To address many of the concerns that people have about vaccines and their safety, ECBT posed some frequently-asked questions to several experts in the fields of immunization and autism and put their replies to the questions in a video format. Click on the videos below to view experts answers to parents' most common questions.

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The Video FAQs are available on DVD for provider/clinic office use. Email ECBT at to request a DVD.

Why Vaccinate?

Why do children need so many vaccines? [:59]

Are my children really in danger of becoming seriously ill if I don't have them vaccinated? [:50]

How do you feel about chickenpox parties? [1:32]

Many vaccines are for diseases that don't appear to exist anymore. Why is it important to vaccinate against them? [1:52]

Why Follow the Recommended Immunization Schedule?

Why is it necessary to vaccinate infants who are so young? [:50]

Is it safe for a child to receive multiple vaccinations during a single office visit? [:44]

Are we overwhelming the immune system by giving too many vaccines? [1:05]

How do they determine the ages when children should receive each vaccine? Is it okay to delay vaccines? [1:05]

What if I elect not to vaccinate my children? [1:53]

Vaccine Testing, Ingredients & Safety

Are vaccines safe? [1:14]

What sort of testing goes on before and after a vaccine is given to a child? [1:46]

The H1N1 flu vaccine (swine flu vaccine) is new. How do I know it's safe? [1:03]

I've heard there are ingredients in vaccines that can harm children. Is this true? [:27]

Is there mercury (thimerosal) in vaccines? Is that dangerous? [1:02]

Can you explain why adjuvants, like aluminum, are in some vaccines? [:34]

Should I be concerned about combination vaccines? [:36]

What does it mean to "green" a vaccine? [1:19]

Vaccines and Autism

Do vaccines cause autism? [1:34]

What sort of research has been done to ensure that vaccines and autism are not related? [1:11]

We're seeing more vaccines being given and more children are being diagnosed with autism. What's going on? [1:08]

If I already have a child who is autistic, should I play it safe and not vaccinate my younger child? [1:50]

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