Participate in Immunization Information Systems (IIS)

Immunization Information Systems (IIS), also known as immunization registries, are confidential, population-based, computerized databases that record all immunization doses administered by participating providers. Every state has its own IIS, and some states have more than one. Most IIS are lifetime meaning they contain vaccination records for children and adults. IIS have capacity to electronically exchange data with clinical systems including electronic medical records (EMRs). The capacity and direction of this exchange depends on the technical capacity of the EMR and the IIS.

IIS can offer many benefits to pediatricians and family physicians. With the ever growing complexity of the recommended immunization schedule it has become increasingly difficult to determine which vaccines are required for your patients at each visit. IIS can also generate vaccination reminders and recalls for patients to help reduce missed vaccination opportunities. Participating in your state's IIS will facilitate disease prevention by providing you with accurate and timely immunization records for each of your patients. In addition, using an IIS will help your practice be more efficient by streamlining the immunization administration process, saving your staff time and office practice money. To learn more about how IIS can assist your office practice, please view the brochures created by ECBT.

How Immunization Information Systems Can Help Pediatricians and Family Physicians: Using IIS to Save Your Office Practice Time and Money

How Immunization Information Systems Can Help Streamline Vaccination Delivery For Your Office... Using IIS To Save Your Office Practice Time And Money

Have More Time to Take Care of What Really Matters. Your Patients

Since 2011, the CDC and its immunization partners have been piloting 2D barcoding to streamline immunization practices. To learn more about this initiative, visit the CDC website.

To begin working with your state or local IIS, contact them directly. Pharmacists that administer vaccines and are interested in participating in the IIS, should also contact the IIS in their state. A list of contacts is available on the CDC website.

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