Immunization Programs and Coalitions

As a staff member of an immunization program or an immunization coalition, you may decide to (or be asked to) develop an immunization campaign. Determining exactly what elements your campaign should include will depend on both your budget and what specific goals you are trying to achieve. When planning on your campaign you first need to determine your target audience(s). Are you trying to reach healthcare providers, the public, legislators, and/or the media with your campaign messages? Second, write down your specific objectives for the campaign. Are you trying to increase awareness of a particular immunization issue? Are you trying to change a particular behavior? Are you trying to dispel vaccination myths? Third, you must decide if you like to include additional partners in your campaign. Possible partners could be the local medical association(s), a local pharmacy/store, a visiting nurses association, and/or a nonprofit organization like Every Child By Two. Finally, before implementing your initiative, you need to decide how you will evaluate whether or not the campaign is successful.

Below are links to possible elements that you may want to include in a future immunization campaign - public education, provider education, work with the media, utilize social media, and legislator education/legislative action.