Vaccine Education

The childhood, adolescent and adult immunization schedules are complex and ever changing. To stay up-to-date on the most recent ACIP recommendations, healthcare providers need to seek opportunities for immunization education. There are many options available for continuing education including in-person meetings, webinars, podcasts, conference calls, and journal articles. The CDC, nonprofit organizations such as Every Child By Two, immunization coalitions, and medical associations including the AAP, AAFP, AAPA and ANA all offer opportunities for immunization education.

To assist healthcare professionals and vaccine advocates looking for an overview of vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases and information on how to communicate with the media about vaccines, Every Child By Two developed and archived its educational webinar Vaccines 101 and Media Training and accompanying guide. This webinar originally aired in September 2011 and featurs ECBT Executive Director Amy Pisani and APCO Worldwide Senior Vice President William Pierce in a presentation on how to properly craft vaccine messages, vaccine-preventable diseases and how to communicate with the media through print and televised interviews, quotes, letters to the editor and op-eds. The accompanying guide was updated in May 2012. ECBT also developed the Autism 101 for Vaccine Advocates webinar and accompanying Guide. The webinar, which originally aired in October 2011, features Alison Singer from the Autism Science Foundation. Alison’s presentation incorporates an overview of autism including the recent research regarding early diagnosis, interventions and potential causes. She also reviews the CASE Method, which combines emotional and scientific talking points aimed at swaying parent’s emotional response regarding vaccines and helping them to face the issue more logically.

Online Education/Continuing Education
In addition, ECBT and the American Nurses Association developed Bringing Immunity to the Every Community, an online program created to increase competency among nurses and other healthcare providers. This resource offers practical knowledge on vaccines and enhances communication skills to answer difficult questions about vaccines. CE credits are available for nurses who participate in this activity.

The CDC, Vaccine Education Center at CHOP, AAP, NFID,VIC Network, and ECBT website are just a few places where you will locate other immunization education opportunities, many for continuing education credit, for providers and other vaccine advocates.