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There are many immunization-related resources available for healthcare professionals, immunization advocates and the general public. ECBT has created a list to highlight some of these terrific outside resources along with links to other credible organizations.

The Vaccine Handbook: A Practical Guide for Clinicians - 6th Edition (The Purple Book)
Written by Gary S. Marshall, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, University of Louisville School of Medicine, the "Purple Book", as it has been nicknamed, is a comprehensive source of vaccine information, drawing together vaccine science, guidance, and practice into a user-friendly resource for the private office, public health clinic, academic medical center, classroom, and hospital. The first section provides background on vaccine immunology, development, infrastructure, policy, standards, implementation, special circumstances, and—perhaps most importantly—addressing concerns. The second section contains details about every vaccine currently licensed in the U.S., including the burden and epidemiology of the respective disease, history of the immunization program, vaccine constituents, efficacy, safety, and recommendations.

The Vaccine Handbook App (Updated April 2017)
The free App from the Immunization Action Coalition, which is available for Apple iPhones and iPads only, contains the new 2017 (6th) edition of The Vaccine Handbook (The Purple Book) by Dr. Gary Marshall, professor of pediatrics and chief of the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at the University of Louisville. The App is fully searchable, with functionality that includes bookmarking, highlighting, user annotation and links to important vaccination resources.

Provider Resources for Vaccine Conversations with Parents
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) created these materials to help healthcare providers assess parents' needs, identify the role they want to play in making decisions for their child’s health, and then communicate in ways that meet their needs.

CDC Campaign Materials: You are the Key to HPV Cancer Prevention.
The CDC has developed new resources to help healthcare professionals talk to parents and young adults about HPV vaccination. The campaign includes a one-page sheet titled Tips and Time-savers for Talking with Parents about HPV Vaccine, a customizable slide set on the burden of HPV-related cancers, links to HPV vaccination recommendations, fact sheets, Medscape commentaries for provider education, and handouts for parents and patients in English and Spanish.

Vaccines and Immunization Information for Healthcare Professionals and Providers
This section of the CDC website has a variety of resources available for healthcare professionals and providers including clinical resources, administration tools, patient educational materials (for printing and distribution), and information about immunization training and CE opportunities. The CDC website also has a section that includes a variety of free immunization campaign materials.

The Vaccine Facts and Policy (VFAP) Website - A compilation of detailed immunization data from every major jurisdiction in the United States. The website includes information related to immunization laws and policies (i.e., demographics and rates, fiscal environment, law and policy, strategies and initiatives, and the structure of immunization programs.) Users may customize their experience by searching the data by jurisdiction or topic.

Resources for Prenatal Care Providers and Pregnant Women: It’s Time to Talk About Immunizations (English and Spanish)
This handout was created for prenatal care providers/ob-gyns looking to initiate a discussion with pregnant women about childhood immunizations.

Vaccine Safety Resources Brochure
This colorful brochure contains a list of credible organizations and the vaccine safety resources each organization has available.

Credible Websites for Vaccine Resources (Handout)
ECBT created a list of credible organizations (along with their websites) for those individuals looking for science-based vaccine resources. This handout can be printed and distributed.

CHOP Educational Resources for Parents (in English and Spanish)
The Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has many vaccine educational resources available for both healthcare professionals and parents. One of its most popular items are the Vaccine Q&A Sheets . These sheets have been developed on a variety of immunization-related issues including Too Many Vaccines?, Vaccine Ingredients, Vaccines and Autism, and many more. These sheets can be downloaded and printed or ordered via the website. CHOP also created a new smartphone app, Vaccines on the Go: What You Should Know, to provide all parents with reliable information about the science, safety, and importance of vaccines and the diseases they prevent.

Vaccine Update for Healthcare Professionals
The Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia offers the Vaccine Update program for healthcare professionals. The program was designed to make it easier for healthcare providers to stay up-to-date on vaccine news, research and developments. The program includes free webinars, monthly e-newsletters, and mailings containing sample materials and announcements when new or revised information is available.

Give Birth to the End of Hep B
The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) is urging hospitals and birthing centers to meet the national standard of care by providing a universal birth dose of hepatitis B vaccine. As part of their “Give Birth to the End of Hep B” campaign, IAC has created numerous resources including the new comprehensive guidebook “Hepatitis B: What Hospitals Need to Do to Protect Newborns.”

Family Vaccines Resource Center
The National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, in partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, developed this website to help expectant mothers become lifetime vaccine advocates for their entire family. The website also provides information, resources, and tools for healthcare professionals.

Immunization For Women
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists designed the "Immunization for Women” website to provide OB-GYNs and their patients with a central, trusted source of up-to-date information on seasonal flu and other vaccine-preventable diseases, including immunization facts and safety, immunization schedules, clinical and practice management guidelines, and links to other reliable immunization resources. The website strives to provide women with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about immunization and their health, and to provide OB-GYNs with a valuable resource for immunization best practices and patient education.

Shot by Shot: Stories & Videos of Vaccine Preventable Diseases
This website created by the California Immunization Coalition contains a collection of stories from people who have been touched by vaccine-preventable diseases. Shot by Shot’s video and written collection of real-life stories, told by survivors, family members, friends, and health care providers, brings first-hand experiences to new generations.

Vaccine-Preventable Disease: The Forgotten Story
This beautifully photographed book was created by vaccine experts at Texas Children’s Hospital to be a resource for the public to provide information and awareness about the increasingly complex issue of vaccination. The stories in Vaccine-Preventable Disease: The Forgotten Story are the profiles of real lives interrupted and damaged by vaccine-preventable disease. Each story shows the cost of human suffering from not vaccinating and has been shared to help parents grasp the impact of a choice not to vaccinate their child. While the stories portrayed carry caution, they also carry hope and the single profound message that vaccines save lives.

GETVAXED.ORG is a project of Parents of Kids with Infectious Diseases’ (PKIDs’) Vaccine Initiative, which seeks to raise awareness of immunizations among teens and young adults, and aims to encourage teens and young adults to take charge of their health by staying up-to-date on immunizations available for their age group.

Educational Webinars from the Virtual Immunization Communications Network (VICNetwork)
VICNetwork is a partnership between the National Public Health Information Coalition (NPHIC) and the California Immunization Coalition (CIC). The VICNetwork strives to educate local and national health organizations, coalitions, and public health departments about effective immunization communication strategies, the importance of utilizing new media technologies to convey consistent immunization messages and current immunization issues. VICNetwork hosts many educational webinars throughout the year.

This website created by HHS provides resources from federal agencies for the general public and their communities about vaccines across the lifespan.

This website created by HHS contains information on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The site also contains health insurance basics and a tool to help individuals and families find the best health insurance for their needs. In addition, there is a section on how immunizations, specifically, are being affected by the ACA. The site is also available in Spanish.

Video Stories of Those Affected by Meningitis

The National Meningitis Association (NMA) created these videos of their M.O.M. and T.E.A.M. members sharing their stories of how meningitis affected them or a loved one. NMA is committed to educating families, medical professionals and others about bacterial meningitis and prevention approaches to the disease.

The Value of Vaccination: A Conversation
What is the value of vaccination? It seems a simple question. Visit this website and join the conversation – share your thoughts on how we can best express the value of vaccination.

True Stories of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases (PSAs/Videos)
These videos, created by PKIDs, contain the heartbreaking stories of eight families affected by vaccine-preventable diseases. They are sharing their stories with the hope that those watching might avoid the pain they’ve experienced. The videos are available in a variety of formats and lengths for use by other organizations free-of-charge. Branded videos contain the "PKIDs.ORG" end slate; unbranded videos are provided for organizations wishing to create their own end slates.

Khan Academy
Khan Academy is a online education tool for people of all ages. The website contains a variety of educational videos on vaccines including the Vaccine and Autism Myth (Parts 1 and 2) and Flu Vaccine Risks and Benefits. Khan Academy's materials and resources are available free of charge.